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Karaveddy District Hospital Praised by UK Consultant...

Dear Dr Kethes


Thank you for arranging our visit to Karaveddy Hospital a memorable one. Mr Ponnampalam is very dedicated and committed to this community hospital. He was very helpful, showed us around and explained in detail about funding and running of the hospital. Your contribution appear enormous. Dr Mangayarmani  is efficient, dedicated and busy. Dr (Miss) Sivanesan (Dental Surgeon) is pleasant and showed as around with Mr Ponnampalam. The whole set up looked very clean, well-organised and appeared like a private wing in NHS Hospital in UK.


I understand you all are working towards making efficient use of the Antenatal and Maternity facility which is a very nice set-up but, hardly used at present as no VOG cover and only one midwife in post. VOG cover from Base Hospital, Manthikai will make best utilisation. Once this is in place then this hospital will become a Model Peripheral Hospital for others to emulate and convince expatriates to provide private financial funding for facilities which Health Department do not provide.

Here’s the link to view the photos I took during the visit.   Click à  Karaveddy Divisional Hospital Aug 2014


Please share this email with Mr Ponnampalam, Dr Mangayarmani, Dr(Miss) Sivanesan and other staff at the hospital. Please consider printing this email and the photos and pass to them as I do not recollect seeing a computer at the hospital yet.


Selva Selvachandran | Consultant Surgeon | Greater Manchester Clinical Assessment & Treatment Service | Care UK 

Visit by Education Minister - Northern Province 


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